Case Studies

Our service to Hindu Maha Ganapathi chitradurga 2020
Hindu Maha Ganapati 2020 !

The world was going through a difficult phase as people were not allowed to visit the largest Ganesha festival in karnataka, we took up the challenge of reaching their homes with the internet!

Case study of our client Ravi Pharmaceuticals
Ravi Pharmaceuticals

Ravi Pharmaceuticals is a well established Ayurvedic product manufacturer.
We helped the brand to create a online presence and increase its conversions directly !

case study of our application Coastella
Coastella App

Costella was a project taken on to ease the lives of common man mainly old aged people who were living alone in their houses and were not comfortable going out during the pandemic!

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5 Reasons why your Business needs a website

It's 2021 the digital age! As the world is adapting to rapid digitalization it's a perfect time to set up your business online! The digital trend is here to stay ! Still confused on why does your business needs a website???

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